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  • Hidden rod

    Hidden Tilt Rod (89mm Louvre)

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    Hidden shutter tilt or control rod for opening and closing louvres.

    Available in 770mm lengths (11 holes) & 1150mm lengths (16 holes).

    This tilt rod is for use with 89mm louvres.

    White powder coat finish.

    Fixing screws included included.

    Fixing option 1 – Cut a 10 x 4mm notch in the rear of one end of the louvre and attach the hidden rod.

    Fixing option 2 – Cut louvres 4mm shorter than your top & bottom rails and use the hidden tilt rod pins which have a 3mm shoulder to allow the rod to close into the gap between the edge of louvre and inside of stile.

    Fixing option 3 – Rout 15 x 4mm from the inside of one of the stiles between the top & bottom rails to allow the hidden rod to fold into.