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  • Gear Hole Strip – Invisible Tilt Rod

    £2.50£3.30 QUICKSHOP

    Cover hole strip which slots over channel routed into stile.


  • easytilt

    PolyTherm® Gear Stile – Invisible Tilt Rod

    £6.00£16.00 QUICKSHOP

    Use this stile when you want to incorporate the invisible tilt rod system in your shutter design.

    Cog and ratchet system is embedded within this shutter stile.

    Similar to the standard square stile but with a channel included above the square aluminium tube for the gear strips.

    One standard stile and one gear stile required per shutter panel.

    Aluminium tube insert included.

  • Hidden rod

    Hidden Tilt Rod (89mm Louvre)

    £6.95£8.95 QUICKSHOP

    Hidden shutter tilt or control rod for opening and closing louvres.

    Available in 770mm lengths (11 holes) & 1150mm lengths (16 holes).

    This tilt rod is for use with 89mm louvres.

    White powder coat finish.

    Fixing screws included included.

    Fixing option 1 – Cut a 10 x 4mm notch in the rear of one end of the louvre and attach the hidden rod.

    Fixing option 2 – Cut louvres 4mm shorter than your top & bottom rails and use the hidden tilt rod pins which have a 3mm shoulder to allow the rod to close into the gap between the edge of louvre and inside of stile.

    Fixing option 3 – Rout 15 x 4mm from the inside of one of the stiles between the top & bottom rails to allow the hidden rod to fold into.


  • Cog pins

    Gear Pins – Invisible Tilt

    £7.95£89.95 QUICKSHOP

    Gear pins for use with invisible tilt rod embedded in shutter stile

    Cog end for traction between drive strips

    Slot end for insertion into louvre end.

    NOTE: These pins are for use in original manufacture shutters. For replacement gear pins for existing shutters, choose Easy Tilt Pins