Our Range of DIY Shutters

When you buy from Shutterplus, you can rest assured that your new custom-made shutters represent outstanding quality and value for money, backed by a level of customer service that is second to none.

Basswood Priority


  • 76mm, 89mm & 115mm louvres
  • 12 stylish shades to choose from
  • Seven pre-mitred frame options
  • Hofmann joints for easy frame assembly
  • Flat surface stiles for contemporary finish
  • Stylish recessed button magnets
  • Slot hole hinges for panel adjustment

Our PRIMEWOOD® range of shutters are made from sustainably grown Paulownia wood.

This lightweight material makes these shutters ideal for wider openings where T posts or track systems are not the preferred option.

Shutterplus Price £155m²

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£165m² £210m²/Express

  • 64mm, 76mm, 89mm & 115mm louvres
  • 12 stylish shades to choose from
  • Beaded stile profile
  • Hofmann joints for easy frame assembly
  • Stainless steel hinges
  • Aluminium core for added strength
  • Durable, hard-wearing material

This unique THERMALITE® waterproof shutter is extremely hard-wearing and suitable for environments prone to steam or moisture.

Excellent insulation properties resulting in lower heating costs during winter months, whilst keeping interiors cool during warm summer months.

Shutterplus Price £165m²

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  • 64mm, 76mm, 89mm & 115mm louvres
  • 12 shades of white & off-white
  • Versatile materials combination
  • Pre-mitred frames with Hofmann slotted keyholes
  • Durable dent-resistant louvres
  • Flat or Beaded stile profile
  • Aluminium core slats increase rigidity

Our hybrid POLYWOOD® shutter range combines Basswood panels and frames with Thermalite louvres.

Excellent value for money, with real hardwood complimenting tough, durable Thermalite® louvres.

Shutterplus Price £180m²

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Premium Hardwood

  • 64mm, 76mm, 89mm & 115mm louvres
  • 12 whites, off-whites & greys
  • Quartersawn wood for greater stability
  • Extensive frame surround options
  • Hand-sanded with five coat finish
  • Pre-installed magnets & hinges
  • Mitred frames with Hofmann joints

PREMIUM HARDWOOD shutters built using furniture grade Basswood material, widely accepted as the best wood for moveable louvre plantation shutters.

Available in a wide range of colours and frame surrounds, this hardwood range will add elegance and style to your home.

Shutterplus Price £210m²

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