Shutter Colours

Mdf – Pure white; Silk white; Bright white; Pearl; Creamy.

Thermalite – Pure white; Silk white; Bright white; Pearl; Cameo; Bisque.

Basswood – Pure white; Silk white; Bright white; Pearl; Creamy; Bisque.

Teakwood – Pure white; Silk white; Bright white; Pearl; Creamy; Bisque; Ivory lace; Marshmallow; Cameo; Crisp linen; Alabaster; Butter; Chai; Stone grey; Brown grey; Clay; Classic black.

We recommend you choose a colour in keeping with your interior design scheme. For example if your window frames and skirting and architraves are a soft white, you should try and match your shutters as closely as possible to this. Choosing a cream finish against white woodwork might make your shutters appear faded and in need of re-painting.

Don’t get too hung up however with finding a perfect match. When sunlight reflects off the shutters it’s difficult to notice any difference between shades on two different surfaces. Almost 95% of our customers choose a white or an off-white finish for their shutters over a dark stained finish. A bright surface will reflect more light into your room as well as giving a bright and uplifting appearance.

Use a dark rich stain for more formal areas of your home. A dark walnut can look fantastic in a study for example and our premium grade basswood reveals a beautiful grain when stained.


Silk White

Bright White

Pure White






Red Mahogany

Aged Teak




Coffee Bean



Black Ash

Colonial Maple

Australian Oak

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