3 For 2 Shutters


3 For 2 Shutter Offer

It goes without saying, that everybody loves a great deal!

And at Shutterplus, we have the deal to beat all deals!

Simply order 2 custom-made plantation shutters, and we'll give you the third, smallest shutter, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

We think you'll agree it's an offer not to be missed, so don't delay. This SUMMER SALE SALE MUST END Midnight, Sunday June 30th!

Design & Buy your new DIY shutters online now, submit your order and we'll get back to you in 24-48 hours with drawings for you to confirm or make changes if necessary!

3 For 2 FAQ's

Q.  Do I need a code during checkout to avail of the 3 for 2 offer?

A.  No you don't.  The calculation will be made automatically as you add your shutters on the order form. (Try it out by selecting a material and click the "Add More" buttom twice to see the total for three shutters in your basket)

Q.  So if my three shutters are the same size, one will be completely free?

A.  Yes correct, and this gives you the most benefit from this offer.

Q.  If I've got four large shutters and two small shutters, can I split my order into two separate orders and order the three large shutters together to maximise my savings?

A.  Absolutely! You will incur a second delivery charge during checkout but this will still maximise your savings.

Q.  If I have just five shutters to order, will two of these be free?

A.  Afraid not, but you could ask a friend or family member if they need a shutter and split the saving!

Q.  Is the 3 for 2 offer available on your express shutters or shaped shutters?

A.  No, this offer is only available on all materials in our standard range of shutters.

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